Global Access Association

In February 2015, the Global Access Conference brought together over 1,000 people, with over 40 countries and 6 continents represented. Attendees were educated, trained and edified over a 4-day period through keynote speakers, worship, interviews, prayer, workshops, networking, and panel discussions. Disability-related themes included culture, religion, bioethics, technology, theology, practical ministry, counseling, society, law, and leadership. The conference was an unprecedented opportunity to share experiences, forge strong working relationships, and learn how to practically and effectively promote global disability ministry in the Church and community at large.

Inspired by the mission of Joni and Friends, the Global Access Association (GAA) is a world-wide network of like-minded Christ-followers responding to the biblical call to accelerate Christian ministry in the disability community (Luke 14).

The purpose of the Global Access Association is to offer practical resources and networking opportunities so Christ-followers are encouraged, educated, and equipped to effectively improve Church and community integration for individuals and families affected by disability (Luke 14:12-23, I Corinthians 12:12-27).

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