Public Policy

Human life can now be copied and replicated, altered and aborted, cloned and euthanized, patented and redefined. It is culture's fundamental fear of disability and suffering which is fueling the maddening pace towards eugenics, embryonic stem cell research and the redefinition of what it means to be human. The Public Policy Center of the CID brings together theologians, ethicists, educators, doctors and attorneys to address these hotly debated disability-related issues and present a clear, reasonable and biblically-based perspective. Areas of focus are:

Dissemination of position papers on issues of bioethics and sanctity of life, utilizing an interdisciplinary peer-review approach to provide a clear and concise biblical view. Papers for laity in the church, as well as journal publications for the academic world, will be developed. In addition, web-based availability and interaction will be emphasized.

Debate Team - Responding to secular and humanistic views by addressing bioethics and sanctity of life issues in public debates.

Advocacy - Resource Center for assistance on social and sanctity of life issues and the creation of a network of organizations, agencies and advocates

Research - Professional and academic contributions and the development of Fellows (Project Teams) for topical and cultural topics.

Consortium - Creation of a "Think Tank" of Christian minds and a coming together through forums, summits and international congress.

For questions regarding the Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability or the Public Policy Center, please contact Dr. Chris Ralston.