“You Can Do It!”

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Nov. 26, 2012
  • Family Retreats

Starting up the climbing wall, Scotty is cheered on by his STM Ben At Family Retreat your “love in action” teaches kids with disabilities how to break down the walls and reach higher than ever before! Short Term Missionary Ben knows this firsthand. He came to Family Retreat as a kid and for five years he was on the receiving end. One year he had a Short Term Missionary who also had a disability – and Ben caught the bug! The next year he signed up to be an STM. “I never realized STM’s were as blessed as campers,” Ben said. “I’ve been serving every year since!” “Out in the world, kids like Scotty are told, ‘you can’t do this’ – but at Family Retreat there’s nothing they can’t do well,” says Ben. “As STM’s we come alongside to support and encourage and show them they can do so much more than they think they can!” Take the rock-climbing wall for instance. “This is something our campers would normally be told they can’t do,” explains Ben. “At Family Retreat we do whatever we can to help them conquer it! We use verbal encouragement, we lift, we support, we believe. We do it as a team. For kids with disabilities, it’s very different than the rest of the year!” “Every year, Family Retreat Scotty and Ben reading togetherbuilds on Scotty’s foundation of confidence and skills,” says his mom Judy. He becomes more independent and grows in his faith. It happens because at Family Retreat the love of Jesus is not just spoken about, it’s demonstrated.” Thank you for your love-in-action that empowers kids and families in Christ at Family Retreats!


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