You Are an Answer to Prayer!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Aug. 11, 2013

Daniel in his new Regency Pediatric WheelchairYou may never visit El Salvador, India or Peru to meet your Christian brothers and sisters there, but your generosity has traveled far and wide, answering the prayers of many families. Like Daniel’s… “I am a Christian mom who has been praying and believing that God would meet our need,” said Lisette. Her lively 3-year old, Daniel, was born with multiple disabilities – and a loving spirit that shines on his little face. But in his country, there is fear and ignorance about disability; people sometimes stare and point. Rather than hiding him away, Daniel’s parents have faithfully asked God to give their little boy a chance at life. In partnership with Wheels for the World, you’ve given Daniel that chance at life, with the gift of a pediatric wheelchair. Daniel can now be taken into his community with ease and dignity. “He can give away all the love God has put in his heart because of this wheelchair,” says Lisette.

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