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  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Sept. 3, 2015
  • Family Retreats

Miller FamilyPriscilla at Family Retreat

For John and Rebekah Miller, life is busy and full with three daughters on the go. When you add in youngest daughter Priscilla’s disability, “busy” often becomes “overwhelming,” and “full” usually feels more like “swamped.” It’s easy for these parents to feel exhausted and pushed to the limit. But at Family Retreat, this couple reconnected with God and each other—while learning some vital spiritual lessons along the way. “Disability is hard work,” said Rebekah. “It’s hard to find any moments of rest with my family or my husband. Priscilla has Down syndrome and her disability requires non-stop 24/7 care. It’s tough emotionally, too. John and I often worry about her and what the future holds. But the moment we arrived at Family Retreat, we were greatly encouraged!” John added, “Right away, we felt safe and knew Priscilla was in good hands.” John learned an incredible lesson at Family Retreat as he watched Priscilla delight in the joys of each day. “I’ve noticed something beautiful in my daughter. She wakes up with no worries and doesn’t let difficult circumstances keep her from having a good day. She doesn’t have any regrets. I want to live a life like that. This powerful lesson is something I grasped here at Family Retreat.”

So many families like the Millers have experienced God’s power and grace at Family Retreats—all through your faithful prayers and support. Thank you!


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