First a Wheelchair from You... Now She's Sharing the Gospel!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • June 24, 2015
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  • Wheels For The World

Ionila receiving her wheelchair from Wheels for the WorldIonila wearing her gospel bracelet and singing praise songs at International Family Retreat

Have you ever wondered, “How does a wheelchair really make a difference?” or “How can God use a wheelchair to advance His Kingdom?” Meet Ionila from Romania, and you’ll see how!

1. A Wheelchair, Provided by You
Ionila lives in an orphanage in Romania. For this young girl, the future held little hope… until she was taken to a Wheels for the World outreach where she received her very own wheelchair and a Gospel bracelet! “I feel like God’s princess on a throne!” Ionila told us.

2. You Opened the Door to God’s Word
Shortly after she received her new wheelchair, Ionila was able to attend a Joni and Friends International Family Retreat. There, she experienced God’s love from our Short Term Missionaries (STMs) who went to serve the families during the week. Best of all, Ionila learned more about Jesus, finding spiritual refreshment during morning devotions, moments of fellowship, worship and prayer times.

3. Ionila Gives Voice to the Gospel!
The joy of Jesus poured out of Ionila’s heart. Holding each bead on her Gospel bracelet, she sang: “Red is the color of the blood that Jesus sacrificed for me…Black reminds me that every man is a sinner…White tells me I am clean when I receive Jesus and green reminds me to grow in God’s word!”

4. Now She’s Sharing the Good News!
For Ionila, the love of Jesus is too wonderful to keep to herself! “Can I have a Gospel bracelet for my friends back at the orphanage?” Ionila asked. “They don’t know Jesus yet.” You sent so much more than a wheelchair to Ionila. You sent the Gospel — the joy of salvation! She’s become a light for Christ at the orphanage, passing along the message of salvation in her community.


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1 Comment

What a awesome story thanks so much for y'all's love and obedience to Savior. I've been a caregiver since childhood,a protector of the weak or bullied but my lifelong addiction to drugs and sin always presented a hindrance to being the person GOD had called me to be until now. My deepest hearts desire is to comfort and love those who are lost and hurting, the Lord has begun to soften this old black hardened heart of mine. This is my elected surgery,a total heart transplant that includes a transfusion if HIS Blessed Blood. Father I'm so sorry for resisting your call, forgive me for trampling on the precious blood of Your Son JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Savior. Father I don't know if I'll ever really understand the depth of Your love,grace and mercy but I'll cherish every second that You allow me to meditate upon these blessed attributes of Your Character,please allow me the opportunity to share Your Gifts of Love with those who are hurting and need the comfort and healing power of Your Love. Oh Yeah,and please bless the socks off of these folks at Joni & Friends as they continually touch the lives of others as they have touched my heart and spirit,Amen and Amen Again!!!
  • June 29, 2015
  • 4:06 p.m.
  • Robert Martin