Nick Vujicic Speaks on Bullying

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  • Oct. 20, 2014
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Nick Vujicic Speaks on BullyingSometimes, children can be mean. Most of us have all experienced bullying or teasing at some point in our lives, especially as kids. Maybe you were called a "nerd," or made fun of because of your buck teeth; some pointed at your pimples or joked about your name. It’s incredible how some kids will find anything to pick on when it comes to a peer who is different—especially when that difference shows up in a disability.

My friend, Nick Vujicic, knows this well. Born with a rare disorder in which all four of his limbs never developed, Nick was picked on at a very young age. Kids would tell Nick that he was ugly, that he was weird. They’d tease him for being so different and there were days when kids would mock him and pick on him without ceasing. As Nick recalls, that’s when seeds of anger and bitterness began to take root in his heart. In one of his messages, Nick shares this, saying, “If you leave a seed of lies in your heart and in your mind and you don’t know the truth, you will die with the lie. And I started dying because I started believing what I was told.” Outside this little boy was putting up a brave face, but inside—Nick was hurting, and even at his young age, he wanted to die.

Praise be to God, Nick had a loving and supportive family who showed him God’s love and reminded him that he is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” And he shares his message on love and bullying in this powerful 20-minute video. We encourage you to share it with kids and teens in your life and pass the message along that bullying is not “o.k.” Make sure to check-out this week’s radio programs on our radio page for more information on bullying and how you can make a difference.


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1 Comment

So glad that Nick will be speaking at your Global Access Conference! Can't wait to see him there.
  • Oct. 22, 2014
  • 9 a.m.
  • Joe