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  • July 14, 2010
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Joni and Friends Television, the broadcast ministry of the Joni and Friends International Disability Center, announced today a new partnership with the Total Living Network, ensuring the broadcast of its encouraging and uplifting TV series to an even broader audience throughout the U.S. The launch of the program on this popular Chicago-based, faith and family-friendly network on July 3 greatly expands the potential reach of the series. Viewers can watch the program on the network Saturdays at 7:30pm (CST, PST), check their local listings to find out where to watch the program in their area, or visit for more information.

“Total Living Network is a great fit for our series, which is a very relevant and inspiring program featuring individuals with disabilities and the challenges they face,” said ministry President and COO Doug Mazza. “We also look into value-of-life issues and policies that could affect the disability community, making this a very educational and informative program, as well.”

Total Living Network is a religious broadcasting channel based in Aurora, Ill., which carries a wide variety of family and ministry programs, such as “Total Living with Jerry Rose,” the network's flagship talk show featuring one-on-one conversations with notable guests; and “Aspiring Women,” an award-winning women’s talk show. The network is committed to producing new types of Christian programming to reach audiences from a variety of perspectives – from those interested in learning more about Christianity all the way to those who are already heavily involved in church and Christian ministry and want to introduce others to the faith.

The Joni and Friends television series is one of the ministry’s key tools for sharing the Gospel message. Available to people around the world in at least 84 countries, television is giving Joni and Friends the opportunity to minister to more than 650 million people with disabilities, approximately 10 percent of the world’s population.

“For many of these individuals, this may be the only hope or encouragement they receive,” Mazza said. “People affected by disabilities, estimated to be more than 650 million worldwide, are the largest unreached group in the world, as far as exposure to the Christian message. Our television series is a great opportunity for sharing the love of Christ with these individuals.”

This 30-minute weekly program, hosted by ministry founder Joni Eareckson Tada, highlights an unusually open and honest approach to tough questions about the goodness of God in a world shattered by pain and suffering. The TV series presents a dramatic and powerful look into the lives of real people who have endured, or are still living through, heart-wrenching trials. Tada and her guests put Scripture to the toughest of tests, showing why God is worth believing and how to trust Him in the worst of times. 

Trinity Broadcasting Network first began carrying Joni and Friends TV in 2008, reaching a potential audience of 3 billion around the world. The NRB network also began carrying the program in 2008, via its DirecTV satellite channel. Additional outlets have signed on since then, increasing the potential audience by another 84 million homes.

Other U.S. outlets currently airing the program include: Cornerstone Network, based in Pittsburgh, with 70 affiliates; Legacy TV based in Odessa, Fla.; Liberty Channel based in Lynchburg, Va.; My Family TV (formerly Faith TV) based in Clearwater, Fla. (also carried on DirecTV); KJEO 32.4 (Manavision3) in Sanger, Calif.; KGSC 47 in Cheyenne, Wyo.; KNXT TV (Catholic Television) based in Fresno, Calif.; Starfish Network based in Salt Lake City (carried on Dish Network); The Dove TV in Medford, Ore.; WATC TV in Atlanta; WAZT TV in Woodstock, Va.; WLMB TV 40 in Toledo, Ohio; WVCY TV in Milwaukee; WTWV TV in Memphis, Tenn.; and WRXY TV, an affiliate of Christian Television Network, in Punta Gorda, Fla. Viewers should check local listings to find out how to watch Joni and Friends TV in their area.

International networks carrying the program include the Russian network CNLTV; The Miracle Channel throughout Canada; EFR Medien in Germany and German-speaking countries in Europe; the Australian Christian Channel in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand; United Christian Broadcasters, Ltd., in the United Kingdom; Sphere TV in the Ukraine; Alfa Omega TV in Romania; and throughout Mexico and the Caribbean as well as the U.S. and Canada via Global Christian Network. Altogether, these international networks virtually reach a worldwide audience.

Joni and Friends continues to serve the disability community through its International Disability Center, offering a wide array of life-affirming ministries to people with disabilities around the world, including international radio and television programs filled with inspirational stories.

*Note to Editors: For more information about the Joni and Friends television programs, to request review copies, or to arrange an interview with Joni and Friends representatives, please contact Melany Ethridge of A. Larry Ross Communications at 972.267.1111 or


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