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  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Oct. 2, 2018
  • Cause 4 Life

Disability has always been a part of Jaycee’s life. Growing up with an older brother affected by disability, Jaycee has always been deeply involved with disability ministry. And last year, after hearing about Joni and Friends through her mentor, she packed her bags and headed to California to be a part of our Summer Academy Internship program.

“I didn’t know a lot about Joni and Friends, but I came anyway. And afterward, I fell in love with their ministry and their mission – so I decided to come back again this summer and become a Corporate Intern, as well as lead the Academy Internship that I was a part of last year.”

Here at the International Disability Center (IDC), Jaycee spent six weeks working alongside Donna and Rachel from our Cause 4 Life department to prepare for the California and Arizona Academy Internships. From working with Accounting to preparing daily devotionals, Jaycee had her work cut out for her. But she later shared that working with Donna and Rachel was one of the most incredible experiences. She had gained two incredible mentors, and not only did they become her supervisors but also her dear friends.

One of Jaycee’s favorite moments from her corporate internship was the opportunity to step back and watch how ministry life works. She had the opportunity to help with the training, programming, and logistics for the Arizona internship and missions trip. And after spending so much time planning, Jaycee shared that it was fulfilling to see everything come together in the end.

Before serving at the IDC, Jaycee didn’t see her internship at the office as a mission field – she saw it as a means so that others could do ministry. But through her six weeks in California, she learned first-hand that her office work was also a form of ministry. She saw that even though she wasn’t out serving on the front lines, she was still making an incredible impact for the Kingdom of Christ.

Are you considering serving with Joni and Friends through a Cause 4 Life Corporate Internship? Jaycee would tell you:

"If you feel like God is even remotely putting it on your heart, be obedient and faithful to the Lord. Even though you may be feeling anxiety and fear, God is faithful and if you obey His commands, He will provide abundantly. This internship changed my life – I know it will change yours too!”

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