Thank you for Giving the Greatest Gift... God's Word!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • June 11, 2015
  • Wheels For The World

Father and son reading their new Bible togetherJulius receiving his wheelchair from Wheels for the World

What is the most precious gift you own? For 10-year-old Julius and his father living in Uganda, their gift is one that may surprise you… Born with spina bifida, life with disability was a struggle each day for Julius and his family, and their need for a wheelchair was great. Father and son arrived early in the morning at the Wheels for the World distribution site and waited patiently all day, without one complaint, for a wheelchair. Soon Julius was carefully fitted into his first wheelchair. But the greatest gift Julius received that day was his very own Bible… in his native language! When his father learned he would receive a Bible for his family, he was overwhelmed with joy — almost the same or more than his joy over the wheelchair! “Whenever I saved money to buy a Bible, a medical emergency would come up with Julius and I’d have to use all the money I had saved for the Bible.” When you give the gift of a wheel­chair to a little child like Julius, it opens his future and allows him to receive God’s Word. In Julius’ story, God used you to do the impossible. And because you send the Gospel mes­sage with every wheelchair, more and more families will come to know the love of Jesus Christ!


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