Thank You for Giving Children a Hope for the Future

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • March 27, 2018

Giving Children a Hope for the FutureAfter 13-year-old Robert was born with multiple disabilities, everyone, including the doctor, was shocked. Filled with shame, Robert’s father wanted to keep Robert locked up inside the house so no one in the village could see him. Eventually, Robert’s father abandoned him, and Robert’s mother, Elena, raised him and the other children alone. As a single mother, Elena works hard to provide for all of Robert’s needs but struggles to make ends meet. Robert needs a wheelchair, but Elena knows she’ll never be able to afford one…

Because of you, Robert’s life changed at a Wheels for the World distribution in Romania. Robert received a wheelchair that fit him perfectly and a Bible in his language! He can now be part of the community and hold his head up high. Long ago are the days when Robert’s earthly father would lock him in the house because he was ashamed. Now Robert knows he is loved, and fearfully and wonderfully made by his heavenly Father! Smiling from ear to ear, Robert’s life is now full of hope and promise because of you. Thank you for giving children hope and a future in Jesus Christ!

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