A Boost of Excitement and Encouragement

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • June 30, 2015
  • Cause 4 Life
MMA East InternsTwelve days into their internship and our Cause 4 Life East Coast team have made friendships that will last a lifetime. These girls have discovered that no matter where they go—at their internship, hotel, or on the DC metro—God has brought people across their paths to bring excitement and encouragement. In this short amount of time, our team has been blessed with many opportunities to serve alongside wonderful adults and children at McLean Bible Church (MBC). Next, they are preparing to minister to special needs children at Jill’s House. As she looked back over her time at MBC, Nancy said, “I do not even know where to begin describing this week… we are so grateful for this opportunity to serve Christ’s kingdom and grow closer to the Lord.” One of the people that God brought across our team’s path was a girl on the Washington, D.C. Metro. As some of the interns were feeling overwhelmed from the heat and being underground, they started talking to a girl who turned out to be an intern at Jill’s House. She was excited and encouraged to find out that she would soon be serving alongside our team. And in turn, our interns were also encouraged. Nancy remarked, “It was a simple reminder of how divine our God is to place people in our footsteps, giving us a boost of excitement and encouragement, reminding us of the impact we have on people’s lives.”

Check back next week for another update on our Cause 4 Life interns!


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