Because of You: "Joni and Friends is Here!"

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Nov. 19, 2012
  • Wheels For The World

Courage and his parentsYour heart to reach little children with God’s love stretches across continents! Courage is 4 years old and lives in coastal Africa, where he has been given no diagnosis for his cerebral palsy, no medical help, and no means of mobility. Little Courage is aptly named. For he will need all the power and courage God can give him to live victoriously in a place like this. Because of your faithful support, that’s exactly what happened! “Today a disabled person on the street told me, ‘Joni and Friends is here!’” Courage’s father said. Wheels for the World returns to this rural area of Ghana several times a year. Your faithfulness makes it possible to establish strong roots and local connections that serve long and deep in communities like this. Word spreads in villages and towns ... Joni and Friends is here! Far and wide, everyone knows what that means: God’s love and His caring provision are here. Help has come for our deepest needs. For a little boy named Courage, your help means that his bright mind will be nurtured and developed because of your gift of a wheelchair. “We will take Courage to school this year because God is making it possible through you!” said his father. “And the rest of his life will be in the hands of God!”

The poor and needy search ... but I the Lord will answer them,” says Isaiah 41:17. Through you, God’s response to suffering is displayed worldwide, as the gift of a wheelchair and the Gospel give thousands of little children a new start, fresh courage and the promise of heaven. Your prayer and gifts make it possible. 


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